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Our Guarantee

At ABC Print Supplies we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Every single product range we supply undergoes rigorous testing procedures before being released to the Australian market. This ensures that you receive products of only the highest quality. All products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing effects and will perform. 

Our compatibility and quality is so high that they do not effect a user's printer warranty. Our quality guarantee extends to refunding faulty products and, should any one of our quality products ever cause damage, either repairing or replacing printers.

We provide FREE technical support ensuring superior customer service, and also give our customers a full 100% warranty on all our products. 


ABC Print Supplies will replace any product that malfunctions. To take advantage simply call 1300 123 978 or email us at info@abcprintsupplies.com.au within 60 days of ordering the product and we will replace or refund the damaged product.  In the first instance a technical support consultant will call you to determine if there might be an installation problem or if there might be another reason the printer cartridge is not working e.g. drum replacement, print head adjustment. If you would like a replacement or refund for a product, we normally require the item  to be returned to us. A return authority is emailed to you.

Our suppliers advise they will not replace or refund cartridges that are opened, if you have ordered the wrong cartridge. When placing your order , always check the printer model supplied on the web page with the cartridge you require. If in doubt, please call  or email us.

If following this you are of the understanding that a cartridge may have been responsible for any damage caused to your machine, we are more than happy to replace the printer and failing that reimburse the the total value of your printer. In order to do so we would require written communication from your authorized repairer of that printer brand that our products were the reason for the machines' fault. 

    please note

    1. All claims that require returns must be made within 60 days of ordering the product, and excludes any damages due to negligence, mishandling, or misuse, and is limited to the warranty supplied by the manufacturer.
    2. Written communication from authorized repairer of that printers brand outlining that our product was the reason for machines fault is required.