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13 February 2018
Best ways for storing toner cartridges

Toner cartridges are quite robust, but the components are sensitive to light, humidity, and temperature, so in order to achieve maximum performance in the way of highest quality and longest life from your toner, you should follow the following storage procedures.

Where your printer is then so too should your toner cartridges,in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. If the toner cartridge is packaged then these control conditions are not as important.

In fact, if you take a toner cartridge out of its packaging, then it is essential to cover the top opening of the cartridge with paper and store in a dark & dry environment.

For ultimate performance , the following steps should be followed:

  • keep the toner cartridge in its protective original package until installation

  • store lying on its side, not upright, with the same side facing up as if it were installed in the printer

  • Do not store the printer cartridges in any of the following conditions:

    • Temperature over 40 degrees celsius

    • Humidity range less than 20% or greater than 80% as it will effect the texture of the toner itself

    • direct sunlight or room light

    • unclean environment

    • a vehicle over a time period

    • a salty air environment unless sealed packaging

  • Don't touch the surface of the photo-conductive drum in the cartridge

  • Don't expose the toner cartridge to unnecessary shock or vibrations*

  • Never manually rotate he drum, especially in the reverse direction as this can cause toner spillage and even internal damage.

* although users often give the cartridge a gentle rocking motion when the printer shows the cartridge as empty display to get that little extra usage from it.




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Posted by ordeshy on June 03, 2021

Thanks for sharing such useful tips. I am using Fuji xerox C5580 and this information helps me in maintaining my device.

Posted by Sam on May 18, 2019

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