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Also called OEM (other equipment manufacturer), this is the ink or toner cartridge provided by the printer manufacturer. Whether they manufacture it themselves, or appoint an agent is not relevant, as they endorse the product.


A compatible cartridge refers to an ink cartridge or toner that is not manufactured by the original manufacturer of your printer.

The function and work in exactly the same way that an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) cartridge would. Compatible cartridges are popular with consumers because of the lower cost to purchase, compared to an OEM cartridge.

Its like using Bosch parts for your car instead of the brand makes, or even like using generic pharmaceuticals to save money.

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In remanufactured cartridge is a genuine cartridge that has been used, but are remanufactured (recycled) and refilled with ink.

Its just one of the many ways that we can all do our bit and help save the environment. If the opportunity presents itself you should consider this option, as there is no difference in quality for all our goods are quality tested. 

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