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28 June 2012




There are so many ways to get the most of your printer use at home - here are some of them.

Often home users rarely use their printer, perhaps because they aren't aware of the many print benefits they can get. Following are various uses that you might not have thought of:

1.      Forms.   Many webpages have forms option on their sidebar at no cost. A good example is a Statue of Declaration form


2.      Tickets.  You want to go to that new movie that is on in town, or your sporting team has a big home game coming up Saturday week, and you want some tickets. The internet not only allows you to select where in the  theatre/stadium etc you can choose to sit, but allows you to print your tickets on the spot


3.        Photos.  You get a virus in your hard disk drive and you havn't backed up to a removable drive. The real heartache occurs when you realize that you have not printed those special family photos. The quality of printers and inks/toners today, along with glossy photo quality paper, enables you to produce great quality photos for your album.


4.        Children's Games, Drawings & Keepsakes.  Children on holidays need to be kept occupied, but 3 children do not go into one computer. What to do? Print-out games that they will enjoy doing on paper. Or when they do a computer drawing, it's a masterpiece of course, and must be put up on the wall in the bedroom - imagine if there was no printer!


5.       Recipes.  You want a recipe for Thai Chicken, as your partner is bringing home the boss who apparently has a real penchant for it. So you find just what you are after on the internet. So if you don't have a printer, you have to either write it own, or keep referring to the monitor which of course has gone into stand-by mode.....aaaagh. Printing it gives you quick, easy reference, plus you store it away in your recipe book for next time after the boss says it was the best he's ever had.

There are numerous other uses for the home computer printer. So make sure you have a spare printer cartridge available as well, or the children will never forgive you, even Ben at 18, who needs a map printout to get to his new girl friend's place


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