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10 July 2012



 Confusing, isn't it, when its time to go buying a new printer?

There are so many things to consider when buying a printer, like what sort of printer cartridge do I use (Inkjet or Toner), what functions do I need it for, do I want colour, etc, etc.

We have discussed a number of these issues on previous blogs, but today we are looking at the issue of what brand is the best to buy?

There are 18 major brand names out there you can choose from, and because they are major brand names, you are unlikely to buy a lemon.

However each brand sells a lot of different models of printers. And some of those models, while you wouldn’t necessarily call them lemons, they might not be offering the best range of features e.g. one printer might produce a higher quality of print than another from that same brand. If printer quality (good v acceptable) is not your hot point, then it doesn’t matter.

There is no particular brand that is better than another. Like saying all Russians are communists, or all French people like wine, you can’t say all ‘x’ brand is better than ‘y’ brand.

Rather than buying a brand because it is better, look at factors like what is their after-sales service in your location like, do they have efficient repair facilities, are their prices competitive for the type of printer you want?

So when buying a new printer, this could be your order of priority:

1.    Type of printer (Inkjet/toner, single/multi function, mono/colour, photo/copier etc.)

2.    Cost of printer, including cost of printer cartridges.

3.    Investigate reviews, talk with large multi –brand retailers, other users etc

4.    When you have a short-list, if a large (expensive) printer,look at the supplier’s after sales service, maintenance agreement; if low cost, look up model on the internet to get user’s opinion.

Then make your decision, don’t procrastinate (an awful word), and buy it!


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