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13 July 2012


What are the pros and cons of either the inkjet or Toner printer, cartridge wise?

When you are in the market to buy a printer, the biggest decision is whether to purchase an inkjet or a toner laser. Both types of printers can offer you features such as wireless printing, colour, multi function capability, etc.

People will tell you that a toner printer has better quality, but that is an over generalisation. There are many inkjet printers that produce photo image quality second to none, and some toners that don’t focus completely on quality, with consideration for other factors such as keeping prices down considered more important.

Probably the most important consideration as to which printer is the best for you, is the quantity of printing you require.

The average inkjet cartridge stores a  rated 200 – 300 pages of ink. But at a 5% yield, or approx. one to two paragraphs a page, that ‘ai’nt a real lot of grunt’.In reality , obviously depending upon your usage, that amounts to probably about 100 printed pages. And coloureds atr less but they usually share the workload with the other colours and the black.

Toner cartridges, on the other hand, rarely have a capacity of less than 1,000 pages, and go on up from there.

Lets take a comparison of the two different capacity & per page printing costs of an inkjet & a toner from the same supplier, Brother. Each printer is a popular model, and randomly selected

The Inkjet in this case is the Brother MFC-J430W/J432W/J625D/J825DWW. The cartridge, the LC40B, has a cost of $24.73 (prices supplied by ABC Print Supplies) and is calculated at printing 300 pages. The cost per page is 8.24 cents.

The laser/toner printer is the Brother HL2140/HL2142/HL2150N, with the Brother TN2150 cartridge costing $75.50, and a cartridge capacity of 2,600 pages (standard). The cost per page is therefore 2.9cents.

Without going into the overall cost of the printer + page usage, it s obvious that if you are printing higher volumes, then the toner printer is the one for you. However the inkjet printer in this case retails at less than $100.


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