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28 November 2012

 When making a choice of what printer to use - do you look closely at the cost/performance of the printer cartridges? Because if you don't, you should. 

When people choose a cartridge, they often will go to the reviews, and fair enough too. It is a good way to start your investigation, after you have decided to what purpose you want to put a printer. Speed of print output, quality, multi-functional usage or mono usage - these factors all come into the equation, not to mention the reviewers verdict e.g. 'the best printer of its type since sliced bread'.

But before you grab for your credit card, it is well worth looking into just what quantity of print you are going to get for your dollar. For instance, a toner cartridge that might appear very expensive because it costs four times the price of an ink cartridge. If you do the maths however, by looking at the yield of each type of cartridge, you might be surprised when you discover that the toner will print say eight times the quantity of the ink cartridge.

If you are only printing 5 to 10 pages a  week, then this is even then probably not a significent factor in your purchasing decision. But if you have a high print requirement, then the cost of printer cartridges can prove very expensive with time. A saving in the cost of a printer in the short term could prove very expensive in the longer term.

There are today inkjet cartridges being manufactured that do have high yields, with prices that are reasonable. Toner cartridge printers only really come into their own when your print volumes reach commercial levels


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