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Many printer users are still anxious about using compatible cartridges, and for that reason they have to pay substantially more for genuine cartridges. If you pay a lot more then it is better..yes...no, read on.

We promote and sell both genuine and compatible printer cartridges. But we believe it is important in providing support to our users, that we pass on to you, information we come across, to assist in your  decision making. 

The following information is provided by a major compatible printer cartridge wholesaler:

Will compatible ink and toner cartridges work just as well as genuine?

Compatible ink & toner manufacturers have developed their own solutions that work just as well as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products...if not better.

They have had the opportunity to reverse engineer the OEM product and develop outstanding print & toner solutions to ensure the quality of the finished printed page is of the same high quality that you are familiar with. The print quality is guaranteed to be the same as the OEM printer cartridges. 

Don't be bullied by OEM print machine manufacturers.

          Because if you do, you'll lose the opportunity to make significant savings.                         At times, dealers technicians advise that a printer is not covered by warranty                   because the customer is not using genuine cartridges. By saying this he is                       not complying with Australian law, which states that a non-genuine made for any             machine and used will not void the warranty unless the OEM (the dealer) can                   prove it is the toner that has caused the damage to the printer. This needs to be in          writing. 

Australian consumers are entitled to a number of statutory guarantees pursuant to Schedule 2, Chapter 3, Part 3-2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (“Act”). If a part is “not genuine”, but is interchangeable with a “genuine part”, then the non-genuine part would still be seen as being fit for the appropriate purpose and would therefore not void any manufacturers’ guarantee/warranty.

 Our advice to the user is this. Try a set of remanufactured or compatible cartridges the next time you order. If you find they are not to your satisfaction because of inferior quality, send us a photo of the resultant print, and we will refund you your payment. That is our confidence in non genuine cartridges.


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