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16 October 2017

Today's printers, either inkjet or toner, offer you many features. Attributes such as wi-fi connection, high res photos, multi-function, scanning, etc are all relevant to your requirements.

However, there are more fundamental considerations you need to investigate prior to your making a decision.

Firstly, if you are wanting to buy a budget printer, then look at the cost of the printer cartridges, be they genuine or generic. Printer cartridge brands often sell printers at below cost price to attract the buyer, whereas the real profit for the manufacturer is in the repeated ordering of printer cartridges.

Investigate the cost of genuine cartridges, and weather you can obtain compatible or remanufactured printer cartridges for that particular printer. Also look carefully at the yield of any printer cartridge. One that seems expensive, might not be so if it has a high yield.

Secondly, determine whether you really need the different features such as colour printing, or photocopying etc. Often, they are nice to have, but for you really not needed.

Thirdly, determine what the real purpose of you printer is. If you are a home user, And want to print photos and have the children do drawings or download internet pictures, then colour inkjet is most likely your thing. But if you need a printer for officework such as statements, invoices emails etc, then a monochrome (black only) with a toner cartridge is probably your preference.

Keep in mind though, that choosing a printer can be as personal as buying a pair of shoes - each individual has their own particular requirements. A bush walker needs heavy duty water resistant ankle high boots. An investment adviser needs a smart set of dress shoes, etc. And for you, the important issue is  to determine what those requirements are as applicable to printing needs. Good luck



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Really helpful advise. It allowed me to cut to the chase & I ended up getting a mono toner printer as I don’t need colour for anything.

Posted by Barb Cotton on October 31, 2017

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