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10 December 2013

Using the internet for the first time to buy your printer cartridge(s), and not too sure how to go about it? Then the following information will assist you.

It doesn't matter whether you're buying  genuine brand, remanufactured genuine, or compatible ink or toner cartridges, there are different ways of accessing your sought after product on the internet.  In the first instance you need to be able to access the internet, using such Internet managers as Internet Explorer, which if you have Microsoft Windows installed on your computer (over 98% of users do), you can then utilise it, or otherwise download Chrome (from Google) or Mozella.

The most popular way with any of the above  is to use a search engine dialogue box, the best known being Bing,Google, Netscape, or Yahoo. Using this search page, you enter what you think is the best way to finding your ink or toner cartridge. Their query can be anything from " cheapest HP toner cartridges" to "HP CE278A toner cartridge", or just "CE278A". Here I have used these three particular examples, because they can all lead to the same web pages in internet searches. The first entry is a more round about way, and will require you to do a further search(s) to get to where you eventually want to be.

You will then be offered numerous pages  from the competing suppliers for that item - from individual suppliers, such as ABC Print Supplies, to E-commerce merchants like My Shopping, or Get Price, or Shop Mania, who in turn rely on data product feeds from the retailers to provide their stock. Pricing is readily available for shoppers to compare, and they can then go to the selected products web site to have a closer look at what that supplier is offering, including delivery times, courier charges, support, references etc.

Beside the individual suppliers and the E-commerce merchants, you will also find the products advertised in eBay and Amazon. But be wary of the pitfalls there. Not from the server provider themselves, but from the supplier who offers no support, refunding, nor quality guarantee. The quality of the ink or toner is very important and they in themselves are not cheap. So a very cheap product advertised on eBay will in all likelyhood have a poor looking page print.


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