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06 September 2013

Are compatible printer cartridges reliable has to be the most asked question I get from curious/concerned customers.

And why is this so?

I believe there are two major reasons that cause users to reach out to establish for themselves an answer to this vexing problem.

The first is that the brand name retailers have been advised by Brother, Canon, HP etc and their agents.that  compatible printer cartridges damage the life of their printers through clogged up print heads, inferior ink/toner damaging the photo-electrical components of drums, blades etc. In today's market, if you deal through any respectable internet supplier, who only deal in tested compatible cartridges. this is an untruth. If their compatible cartridges were of an inferior nature, people would cease to buy them, and the supplier's reputation would wither and die.

In fact if you were able to do a chemical analysis of the ink/toner from a compatible cartridge, you would find very little difference in its componentery from the genuine ink/toner

The second reason is that the price of the compatibles is so much lower than the price of the genuine brand cartridges. Then why is that so? The printer user's first thought is, "If its cheap, then it's no good". But then the user asks himself,"but if that is so, why am I continually seeing compatible printer cartridges for sale". The reason simply is because people who use them come back for more, again and again.

And they come back for more because the compatible ink/toner cartridges do work, and normally just as well as the genuine cartridges. 



Just wondering if I get the message: Non Genuine Epson Cartridge. Will I just ignore this message, will it just continue. If I order the whole set I only use Black Matte Ink so could that be replaced for the Photo black.
I produce limited issue monochrome prints, using matte black on canvas.
Regards from Perth
Anthony (tony) GREEN

Posted by Anthony Green on June 22, 2014

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