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26 May 2015

What type of toner printer is the best option for your business needs, whereby cost is an important factor, but quality is a high priority?


You are the IT manager of a large business, or the bookkeeper in a smaller business, or a mum & dad business that is quickly growing, and you have to make a decision on what is the best toner printer(s) for your business.

When setting out your requirements, it is not only the printer you should be considering, but the printer cartridges they use as well.

In the first instance, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What quantity of printing do I require to be done, now & into the perceivable future
  • Are my printing requirements in mono only or do I require colour as well and in what ratio to black
  • Do I require the printer to do multi functional requirements, such as copying, facsimilies (rapidly becoming scarcer), etc
  • Do I require high quality  colour graphics.

By asking yourself these questions you will be arriving at a choice of what type of printer you want.

But there is another qualifying requirement you should undertake - what printer cartridges should I be using?

Yes. we all know in this situation we are talking toners, which are generally but not always best suited for businesses's heavier needs, but there are toners that are mono toners, and coloured toners. And then there is the yield capacity of the toner, whether genuine, remanufactured, or compatible.

Normally, the more printing you require, then the larger yield toners. And yes, they are normally more costly in that toner powder is the most expensive element in the whole setup. But another advantage of the higher yield toners is that they directly relate to faster printers, which in themselves can save you time & money.

So, in summary, determine your printing requirement, and then determine your cartridge yield. And then check out the supplier's printers, but before you buy, go away and look at the reviews.


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