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22 July 2015

You have an urgent print run to do, and just as you start, the printer no longer functions.

What should you do to rectify the problem? First things first. Make sure that the printer is switched on, and that it is connected to your computer, and that the computer knows the printer is there. If someone changed your settings, then you may have a problem.

But the above is not normally the reason for a non-print, especially if you are the sole operator of the computer/printer. The next step is to check that there is ink/toner in the installed printer cartridges. Usually the printer will provide a message on a LCD screen advising if the ink/toner levels are low, or ceased.

If the cartridge is low, then you might take it out and give it a not too strenuous shake, and replace it into the cradle, as there is often  residue of ink/toner left in the cartridge that the sensors have failed to register. If levels appear adequate, then if the printer has a drum cartridge, that may be the culprit. Or the printer might be suffering from over usage, or some other mechanical problem. Check your user manual, for troubleshooting. That should put you in the right direction.

All of the above, with the exception of a mechanical failure, should be ascertained in a very short period of time. The next step is to replace the printer cartridge. If after doing this, the printer is not working, then firstly check to make sure yo have followed the cartridge installation instructions from your user manual, where you were advised, amongst other steps, to remove any plastic tabs that are stoppers to prevent the ink/toner from leaking.

Next, make sure you ordered and are using the correct cartridge for your printer. This often happens, as printers can have very similar model numbers. For instance, the Brother HL2142 and HL2242 printers use Brother TN2150 and TN2250  cartridges respectively.



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