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 Recently I was asked the question, "Which Brother TN240BK lasts longer, the genuine or the compatible?"

I can understand a customer wanting to obtain the maximum usage for their purchase. 
There could be such answers as it depends upon what you are printing, e.g. pictures use a lot more ink than text, or using more colour than using black will lessen the usage of black. Or even relating to the printer head, which in turn relates to the quality of the ink/toner used.
But the correct answer to the above is none of the above!
The answer is it depends on the yields offered by the genuine and the compatible TN240BK toner cartridges.
And in both cases the rated yield is 2,200 pages, meaning that the one type of TN240BK doesn't outlast the other. Be wary though that each cartridge type will  only print approximately 5% of stated yield as according to ISO9001 (International Standards).
If your question though, was "Which Brother TN2150 high yield lasts the longest, the genuine or the compatible?" Then the answer would most definitely be the compatible one (TN2150X) as it has a yield of up to 4,500 pages, as compared to the genuine high yield TN2150 with a yield of 2,600 pages (both ISO ISO9001 Quality Standards).
So the idea is to look at the yield advertised with each printer, remembering that in most cases the yield for the genuine and the compatible will be the same.

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