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03 June 2013

When you search for a printer cartridge, you want to be sure you're going to get the right one at the right price.

With all the different types of ink and toner cartridges, including sizes and colours, it might appear a bit daunting.

So what should you do?

As with anything else if you are doing an internet search via Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any of the E-commerce merchants that are offering their services/products, you need to be relevant in your search. So if you're looking for a printer cartridge, then you enter the words 'printer cartridge' into the search box - WRONG. Why wrong? Because it's not as relevant as other words you could enter. You will have all the advertisers showing you their web sites, but then once you've chosen one because it has a self placed line of rating stars, or loosely tells you that you are going to save money (even up to 75% - from what), you are then possible eliminating yourself from some 'gold nugget' opportunities. Plus you then enter that particular website, and then enter a particular cartridge that you are looking for. This all takes time, especially when you then have to go back out to enter another web site to find your same cartridge.

So why not be more relevant. Preferably enter the cartridge model straight up e.g. TN 240. You will still be confronted with plenty of choices, but at least you are in that part of the shop that sells you what you want, so you can then look at the alternatives to decide what is best for you. And you don't have to enter Brother TN240, TN 240 cartridge, or Brother TN 240 toner cartridge.

If you are not too sure what the model of your cartridge is, then enter the printer model, e.g HL3040CN. There will be an option from your search query for 'toner' which if you click on will lead you to the TN 240 cartridge.

Remember though that when you are about to select your cartridge, check to make sure that the printer model shown with that cartridge is the one you have. 


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